If you are interested in understanding conservation options for your land while working with Loon Echo, please visit the Conserving Your Land page. Here you can review the main tools Loon Echo uses when working with conservation-minded landowners in our seven town service area. While there view the Loon Echo booklet titled “Working Together to Conserve Land.”


To learn more about the different types of conservation easements, tax incentives involved in conservation donations, and additional conservation tools available, please visit our conservation partners’ websites below.


Visit the Maine Land Trust Network’s resources for landowners webpage featuring:

Visit the national Land Trust Alliance’s website to learn more about how landowners benefit from land conservation, the economics of land conservation, and additional conservation methods available to landowners.

To learn more about current use property tax programs in the State of Maine, click here. Qualified landowners with forestland, farmland and/or open space may apply for a reduced property tax rate through this program. Your local town’s tax assessor can answer questions about this program and can help you determine if your land qualifies for the use tax rate.

To better understand the economic studies that demonstrate the benefits of land conservation, parks and open space, visit the Trust for Public Land’s website where they offer multiple studies and resources.