This initiative has turned into something even bigger – Sebago Clean Waters! You can learn more about the partnership here.

About the Crooked River

The Crooked River is fifty miles in length, flowing from Songo Pond in Bethel through Albany, Waterford, Norway, Otisfield, Harrison, Casco and Naples, where it joins the Songo River before flowing into Sebago Lake.  The Crooked River watershed, which is part of the larger Presumpscot River Basin, contains 76,000 acres of predominantly forest land in a drainage area of 275 square miles. 

About the Initiative

Loon Echo Land Trust and three neighboring land trusts, the Greater Lovell Land Trust, Upper Saco Valley Land Trust and the Western Foothills Land Trust, along with the Portland Water District, have been leading an effort to increase public awareness and voluntary protection along the Crooked River.

The Crooked River is deemed a priority for protection by the land trusts and partners due to the river’s following qualities:

  • The river is the largest tributary stream flowing into Sebago Lake, providing 40% of the annual flow into the lake. Sebago Lake supports the state’s largest water utility which services 200,000 customers in 20 communities in the greater Portland area
  • The river supports one of only four known indigenous populations of landlocked Atlantic salmon in Maine and is the primary spawning and nursery area for such salmon indigenous to Sebago Lake
  • The river is entirely rated AA (highest water quality and free flowing)
  • The Crooked (and larger Presumpscot) River watershed has been identified by the U.S. Forest Service as the most vulnerable drinking water reservoir watershed in the Northeastern 20 states due to the high percentage of unprotected, privately owned land.

We encourage landowners who are interested in conserving their property along the Crooked River to contact us.