Recent LMF Poll & Legislative Alert

Governor LePage continues to hold captive the Land for Maine’s Future (LMF) program and earlier this month $6.47 million in voter-approved conservation funds expired. Fortunately, there is still time for the legislature to act and take into consideration a recent poll that shows 74% of people say the Governor should release the LMF funds. Early in 2016, Maine’s policymakers will be asked to vote on two bills.

  • LR 2132: This bill will be introduced in 2016 and would reauthorize the $6.47 million in LMF Bond funds that expired in November of 2015. Legislators should vote in favor of the full five-year extension that is allowed under the Maine Constitution.
  • LD 1454: Enacted on the last day of session in 2015, this resolution directs the Governor to work with the State Treasurer to borrow those funds necessary to complete the thirty pending LMF projects once the LMF Board is satisfied that all legal and contractual requirements by the applicant have been met. LD 1454 also directs the Administration to complete all paperwork requested by the LMF Board to finalize these projects. The Governor has promised to veto this bill. He will have three days to do so after the legislature reconvenes on January 6. Legislators should vote to override this veto and support the will of Maine people.

While we are so excited to have received the LMF funds for the Crooked River Forest Project, there are still significant LMF funding being withheld for the Raymond Community Forest project.

To ensure success, Loon Echo is asking you, its members and supporters, to submit letters to local newspapers in support of LMF before the end of the year, and to contact your legislators and share with them why LMF funding is supported by Maine people. If you need more information view the one page fact sheet here, or contact Carrie Walia, Executive Director at or 207-647-4352.