Voice Your Support for Loon Echo & LMF

Maine’s most important land conservation program, Land for Maine’s Future (LMF), is at risk and we need your help. As you may have heard, the Governor is refusing to release $11.4 million in voter-approved land conservation funds, breaking his two year old promise to release these funds.
Two of our current projects are being impacted by the never-seen-before politicizing of the 28-year old LMF program.

  1. Crooked River Forests Project: Protecting 791 acres of forestland and 3.5 miles of the Crooked River in Harrison and Otisfield with partner Western Foothills Land Trust. The Crooked River is the largest tributary into Sebago Lake and is the only spawning area for the indigenous landlocked salmon population. This project would open the forestland for fishing and canoe access, as well as hunting, snowmobiling, horseback riding and more.
  2. Raymond Community Forest: 350 acres in North Raymond stretching from Crescent Lake to Pismire Mountain that will satisfy many of the natural resource protection goals of the Raymond Open Space plan. The forest will provide water quality and wildlife habitat protection as well as guaranteed recreational and scenic viewing opportunities. Protection of a large forest will bring long-term financial returns to the community through future forest management.

We need your help to protect the LMF program from becoming a political pawn. You can help in two ways:

  1. Call the Governor’s office, 207-287-3531, Toll-free: 1-855-721-5203
  2. Please contact your legislators today to urge them to demand that the governor release the $11.4 million in voter-approved LMF funds! Send them an email, or better yet, pick up the telephone to express that:
  • you support the LMF program and your local land trusts,
  • the Governor is not living up to his promise to release the LMF funds,
  • the Governor’s withholding of these funds is failing to make critical conservation investments to strengthen our local economies and enhance our communities.

Years of work have gone into setting up these projects—please help me ensure that this land will be protected for future generations. Thank you for your support!