Loon Echo protects nearly 8,000 acres of land and manages 31 miles of trails that are available for walking, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hunting and in designated areas, mountain biking and motorized use. 

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All of Loon Echo’s preserves are owned by Loon Echo and are available free of charge for public use. If there is a trail system on the property, a trail map and guide is posted on the corresponding preserve page. We also protect land through conservation easements on privately and publicly owned property. While they are protected by Loon Echo, the land owner dictates and manages public access to the property.

Loon Echo Preserves

Loon Echo Easements on Land Open to the Public

Other Conservation Easements

**We are always looking for volunteers to help with trail maintenance or to be on a Stewardship Committee. Click here to learn more about volunteering.**