Loon Echo Land Trust is part of a coalition working to accelerate the pace of forestland protection in the Sebago Lake Watershed.

Sebago Clean Waters seeks to protect water quality, community well-being, and the health of fish and wildlife in the Sebago watershed through voluntary forestland protection.  We are a diverse group of nonprofits committed to a healthy Sebago Lake Watershed that provides countless benefits to residents and downstream water users. We recognize the important role that forests play in producing clean water and emphasize forestland protection to maintain Sebago Lake’s excellent water quality.

What You Can Do

  • Find out more about the efforts underway to protect forested land in the Sebago Lake Watershed by visiting www.sebagocleanwaters.org.
  • Do you own land in the Sebago Lake watershed (click here for a map)? Interested in learning more about your conservation or management options? Contact us!
  • Make an impact. Donate to support the initiative today.