Mission Statement

Loon Echo Land Trust protects land in the northern Sebago Lake region of Maine to conserve its natural resources and character for future generations.


Loon Echo Land Trust, a 501(c((3) non-profit organization, was formed in 1987 by community members who saw the need to preserve the natural areas of the region. Throughout the years, Loon Echo has worked with area residents, businesses and organizations to protect land through conservation easements, land purchases and land donations. In 2017, Loon Echo achieved accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. With nearly 6,700 acres (and growing) under protection, Loon Echo celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2018. 

Loon Echo conserves and maintains this land and multi-use trail systems for the benefit of the public.  These important open spaces protect the region’s water resources, wildlife habitat, working farms and forests, scenic views, provide recreational opportunities and maintain rural character.

In spite of increasing change, the northern Sebago Lake region of Maine retains its natural beauty and quiet charm.  Our efforts to maintain the beauty and recreational resources of the area are possible due in large part to membership; we welcome all those who share our passion for protecting the region’s land and quality of life and invite you to become a member.

Click here to download our 25th Anniversary brochure. To view Loon Echo’s 25th Anniversary video follow this link Loon Echo Land Trust 25 Years.