2012 LELT Service Area Map [jpg]

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Loon Echo proudly serves the seven towns of: Bridgton, Casco, Denmark, Naples, Harrison, Sebago, and Raymond, an area of 320 square miles located directly north of Sebago Lake.  

According to the 2010 census the collective towns had a year-round population of 22,857.  Together, these towns have experienced substantial population growth in the last 20 years that has far outpaced Maine’s growth rate – by three to four times.  Permanent land conservation in the region is currently at 4.2% .  It is Loon Echo’s goal to accelerate the pace and quality of land conservation in order to edge closer to the state average of 17% which has increased in recent years due to major conservation efforts in the North Woods. Loon Echo’s land conservation efforts in the watershed benefit the seven service area towns, as well as 200,000 residents of the greater Portland area who rely on Sebago Lake as their sole public drinking water source.