Updated 2/11/2021

LELT trails and preserves have seen a large influx of visitors ove the past year. If you are able to, please consider a donation to support the upkeep of the special places & trails we all love.

We ask all trail users & preserve visitors to adhere to the following guidelines when visiting LELT preserves and trails during the pandemic:

  • Do not use the trails if you have symptoms, have traveled recently, or have been exposed to a known or suspected case of COVID-19.
  • If the parking lot is full, please do not park on the road. Have a plan B and C. Consider waiting or seeking another place to be outdoors. Visit Maine Trail Finder or click here for a full list of LELT preserves open to you.
  • Stay at least six feet away from other people. Practice it and know what it looks like. Keep it as you walk or hike. Pause and step off trails to allow others to pass.
  • Be prepared. Always have adequate water, snacks, layers, and a first aid kit.
  • Leave No Trace. Carry in, carry out. There is no trash service at any LELT preserves.

Preserve Updates

Pleasant Mountain

Pleasant Mountain trails are open effective 5/22/2020. Please follow all posted guidelines including respecting full parking lots.

Thank you for choosing to recreate responsibly and doing your part to keep yourself and others safe and healthy.

Hacker’s Hill Preserve

The Hacker’s Hill preserve gate is open as usual for the season. The gate is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 8am to sunset. It is closed Tuesday, Thursday and inclement weather days.

The bathroom at the hill remains closed to protect the health and safety of visitors and our volunteer caretaker. Thank you for understanding. Use of the preserve will be monitored and appropriate measures will be taken in the case of any issues.

All other preserves & trails remain open for public access.


All LELT events will follow Maine CDC Guidelines for large gatherings.


The office is open to the public. Please wear a mask when visiting the office. Staff are in the office on a rotating basis, please call or email ahead to let us know you are coming.

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