Mayberry Hill Preserve – Celebrating 30 Years

On March 15th, 2020, Mayberry Hill Preserve turns 30 years old. in 1990, John and Nancy Gillis of Hudson, MA and Casco, ME donated approximately 130 acres of land located on Mayberry Hill in Casco. The preserve was LELT’s first fee-owned property.

(L-R) Barbara York, Eric Dibner, Jim Tabor

The conservation of Mayberry Hill was covered in the Spring 1990 edition of the Loon Echo News:

Loon Echo Inland Trust is pleased to announce that it has received the donation of a 128-acre parcel in Casco for preservation. The tract includes woodland and fields and scenic views of surrounding lakes and hills. It is at the top of Mayberry Hill, has several wetland and streams that feed Lake Thompson, and provides valuable wildlife habitat and groundwater recharge areas.

The gift encompasses land which has been carefully managed for tree growth, but it is a parcel in the midst of recent subdivisions. The donors have been members of the land trust for several years. They recognized that with nearly a third of a mile of road frontage the site could have been developed into a major subdivision.


Erik Bartlett, President of the land trust, in recognizing the donation, said “This generous gift represents a fitting and enduring tribute to our conservation purposes. It is a model for how our work within the community can save a diminishing resource for the future of Maine.”

On May 25, 2001, 30 acres were added to Mayberry Hill Preserve. Today, the 160-acre preserve features a one-mile loop trail and is used annually by local schools for the Mayberry Hill Forestry Field Day. A walk in celebration of 30 years of LELT stewardship will be held on Sunday, March 15th at 2pm.

Mayberry Hill Preserve is located on land originally stewarded by the Wabanki Confederacy.

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