Healthy Forests. Clean Water. Quality Beer.

Much of the land that drains to Sebago Lake is covered with forest. These forests act as a filter, naturally producing exceptional water quality. Yet only 10% of this forest is conserved – meaning development could eventually cause lower water quality and higher water treatment costs.  A new effort called Sebago Clean Waters (SCW) is underway, linking the community to forest conservation – to protect our water, wildlife, and way of life.

Dozens of local breweries rely on this water, too. Beer is 90% water; delicious beer begins with outstanding water. Select breweries are collaborating with PWD, SCW, and Loon Echo Land Trust to provide beautiful slideshows and information in tasting rooms at various times throughout National Drinking Water Week (May 5 -11). Staff from these organizations will be available to answer questions at some locations. See where you can find us here.

Watch this video to learn more about the connection between forests and water quality:

Learn more about Sebago Clean Waters.