Land Trusts Work for Maine

A boy hikes on the summit of Bald Pate Mountain in Bridgton, Maine.

At 6.5%, Maine has the lowest percentage of state-owned public land of any east coast state. In Maine, which has more land trusts per capita than any other state, the land trust community has stepped up to secure public access to the outdoors when government has not. Additionally, by paying taxes and maintaining working forests and farms, Maine land trusts are providing a direct economic benefit to Maine businesses and municipalities.

Land Conservation in Maine, at a glance:

  • Maine land trusts provide access to over 2,000 acres of recreational trails and over 400 water access sites
  • Maine land trusts protect over 2.5 million acres of land open to hunting
  • Over 2 million acres of Maine land trust conserved lands are working forest and another 36,000 acres are working farmland
  • 94.5% of Maine land trust conserved land is on the tax rolls with an additional 4% of that land being paid in lieu of taxes

Indirectly, Maine land trusts are providing an economic benefit to the State by attracting visitors with access to recreation and open space. Loon Echo is proud to support our local economy and community by protecting 7,000 acres of land in Bridgton, Casco, Denmark, Harrison, Naples, Raymond, and Sebago.

Learn more about Land Trusts in Maine here.

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