Ledges Trail Parking Under Construction

‼️ ATTENTION HIKERS ‼️ The Ledges Trail parking area at Pleasant Mountain will be under construction 5/20/21 and 5/21/21There will be limited parking available in the lot during this time. Please use caution.

We are expanding the parking area in order to alleviate parking pressure on Mountain Rd. There were many days last year where parking for the trail overflowed onto the road. The Ledges Trail is one of the most popular hikes in southern Maine (you all know why, it’s a gem!). There were over 12,000 hiker visits* on the Ledges trail alone in 2020.

This year LELT will invest $30,000 into expanding parking, repairing eroded areas, and shoring up unsustainable trail sections to prevent future erosion on Pleasant Mountain. This year’s work has been funded with support from the Maine Land Trust Network and LELT donors.

If you love the Ledges Trail, and are in a position to do so, please donate to support the stewardship of these beloved trails.

*LELT uses infrared trail counters to track trail use

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