The Crooked River Forest, located in Harrison, consists of two main parcels: Intervale (334 acres) and Woodsum Brook (75 acres).  The Intervale parcel has a long history of sustainable forestry and boasts a significant Northeastern Interior Pine Barren. Intervale contains more than a mile of frontage along the spectacular Crooked River, the main tributary to Sebago Lake. The Crooked River Forests allow for public access to fishing, hunting, snowshoeing, and hiking. 

The Crooked River has been identified as a priority for conservation as it is the largest tributary to Sebago Lake, with 38% of the inflow to the lake. It also offers local recreational opportunities and is situated above high quality sand and gravel aquifers. The river has been identified in the state’s Natural Resources Protection Act as an Outstanding River Segment with AA status; free flowing with the 

june 18 2014 TBridges (16)best water quality. This trout fishery is home to one of only four native populations of landlocked salmon in the state and is known to host one species of anadromous fish (American eel) and is thought to historically host Atlantic salmon and sea lamprey.

In its entirety, the Crooked River Forest Project consists of five parcels, with the two largest being “Intervale” (334 acres; 1.5 mile of river frontage) located on Scribners Mill Road in the town of Harrison, owned by Loon Echo. The second largest property is “Twin Bridges” (247 acres, 0.7 miles of river frontage) located on Rt. 117 in the town of Otisfield (adjacent to the rest area), owned by Western Foothills Land Trust. Loon Echo also owns and protects “Woodsum Brook” (75 acres) located on Maple Ridge Road, with frontage on the brook that flows into Crystal Lake in Harrison. Western Foothills also owns “Oak Hill” and “Watkins South” (FMI contact WFLT). Click here to download regional map.

Public Access

The Crooked River Forest at Intervale offers two trails for public access. Please follow all use guidelines listed below.



The Crooked River Forest at Woodsum Brook does not have any established trails.



Designated Uses

  • Hiking and nature observation
  • Snowshoeing and cross country skiing
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Horseback riding (on designated trails)
  • Snowmobiling (on designated trails)
  • Mountain biking (on designated trails)
  • Trapping (by permission only)

Use Guidelines

  • Carry in, Carry out
  • Daytime use only
  • Dogs are allowed. Please keep pets under control at all times
  • Authorized motor vehicles only
  • Target shooting is prohibited
  • Wear blaze orange during hunting season
  • Always yield to horseback riders

Directions to Intervale Parcel

The entrance to the Intervale parcel is located on Scribners Mills Road in Harrison, a half mile west of the Crooked River if coming from Otisfield, or 7/10th of a mile east of Maple Ridge Road from the west.



Loon Echo would like to thank the following donors for making this project possible: Portland Water District, Open Space Institute, The Nature Conservancy, Anonymous Foundation, Casco Bay Estuary Partnership, Elmina B. Sewall Foundation, Town of Otisfield, Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund, Norcross Wildlife Foundation,  the Carol and David Hancock Charitable Foundation and Fields Pond Foundation. This project was funded in part by the Land for Maine’s Future Program for low impact recreation including fishing, hunting and snowshoeing.