Resources for Watching the Fall Hawk Migration

The Hawk Migration Watch scheduled for Saturday, September 7th at Hacker’s Hill Preserve has been canceled due to inclement weather. The rain date for the watch, scheduled for September 8th, has also been cancelled due to high winds and unfavorable migration conditions. You can still watch the Hawk migration on your own. Find tips on how to catch the spectacle below!

  1. Favorable conditions for the hawk migration are warm, fair days with a slight northwest breeze in early-mid September. Head to Hacker’s Hill Preserve or a hilltop near you to Other popular migration spots include Bradbury Mountain in Pownal and Mt. Agamenticus in York.
  2. Keep an eye out for swirling flocks of Broad-winged Hawks, also known as “kettles.” The flocks can contain thousands of circling birds. One of the greatest spectacles of migration is a swirling flock of Broad-winged Hawks on their way to South America. Broad-winged Hawks are small, stocky raptors with black and white bands on their tail. their call is a distinctive, piercing, two-parted whistle. Learn more about Broad-winged Hawks here.
  3. Our partners, Western Foothills Land Trust, are hosting a Hawk Watch at Hawk Mountain (aptly named!) on September 21st. Join them!

Other Resources

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